Mid-Continent Energy Company, Inc. (MCE) was founded in 1982 by Larry Mattingly in Sanford, Florida. The company was established as a consulting company to assist gasoline terminal owners in designing and constructing of tank blending systems. The system consisted of blending petroleum products to produce leaded and unleaded gasoline. Mid-Continent Energy Company, Inc. designed the jet nozzles and circulating system which allowed the terminal operator to blend the component.

Through the years and with changing governmental regulations, Mid-Continent Energy Company, Inc. evolved into a company that specialized in component blending at the terminal and pipeline level. A partnership was formed with TexonLP in 1994 that lead to the design of a patented fully automated blending system. The automated blending system consists of a blending skid and process analyzers that are controlled by a PLC. Through experience, the blending system and components to be blended, continue to evolve with the market and governmental regulations.
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